Scrub Or Refresh To Get Your Grout Clean

The kitchen and the bathroom are two places that you want to keep as clean and sanitary as possible. This means regular cleaning and scrubbing to keep away dirt and minimize bacteria growth. There are some spots that are harder to clean than others, though. One such place is in the grouting between your tiles.

The kitchen floor takes a lot of spills and handles a lot of traffic. The floors and walls of the bathroom deal with a lot of moisture and water damage. These are all reasons your tile may get quite dirty or grimy looking. Cleaning the tile itself is usually quite straightforward as the smooth surface is usually rather simple to clean. The grout in between the tiles, however is not nearly so easy.

Because the grouting throughout the tile surfaces in your house is porous it collects dirt and debris. It also sits lower than the tiles themselves, creating the perfect spot for stuff to collect as you wipe your tiles. Now the question is how to clean grout?

There are some pretty simple solutions for how to get your grout clean. Even if it looks quite terrible, in most cases it is easy to get looking clean again. It is all about finding the right tool for the job.

In the case of getting grout clean, the right tool just happens to be a toothbrush! It is the perfect size and shape. It is not abrasive, but can reach in all the little nooks and crannies between your tiles.

The best solution for cleaning the grout depends on the situation. If the grout has mildew growing on it, a solution of bleach diluted in water will definitely do the trick. Simply mix water with a little bleach, rub it on the grout and allow it to sit for a minute. Then scrub the grout with the toothbrush to remove the mildew and rinse.

If it seems impossible to get your grout clean because of the amount of buildup, you might consider refreshing your grout. You can purchase a grout saw which is a very small and simple tool, at a local home improvement store. With this and a little new grout you are ready to begin.

Scrape off the top layer of the dirty grout with the saw. Vacuum up the powder and wipe. Then apply a small amount of new grout across the surface. When it is dried and wiped clean (give it a few days) you should seal the grout to prevent it from getting dirty too quickly in the future.

Whether you just need to scrub away some dirt of mildew from your grouting or you want to refresh it, when you get your grout clean your bathroom or kitchen will look like new again!

Christy Alexander